Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 29 In Perfect Harmony

Tonight Robert and I attended a dinner/concert given by the Coastalairs, a thirty voice men's barbershop quartet. What fun! They sang old fashioned barbershop, Christmas melodies, and a couple of more modern tunes; acted as the waiters bringing out bowls of mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken fried steaks, green beans, corn and dinner rolls followed by peach cobbler; and performed skits. Some serenaded in small groups while we ate. We ate then they sang then we ate some more. It was a wonderful night. I wish I had a picture of them --- I think the youngest man was at least 60 and the oldest closer to 90 than anything else, but boy could they sing. The dinner/concert is the way they raise money to travel to different competition throughout the year. And they had more costume changes than Cher. :) Of course all they were changing were their coats, but everyone managed to have the same outfit on each time at the right time.
Tonight I sleep with the melodies of Sweet Adeline and When Johnny Comes Marching Home drifting through my dreams.

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Donna said...

that sounds like a great event! I wish I could go to stuff like that.