Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day 24 Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

This has been another full day. Two grandchildren, three daughters, two son-in-laws and a husband who was feeling less than great proved to be a stressful mix of people at times since the weather didn't cooperate and everyone had to be in the house all the time. But now the house is quiet. Two children, two daughters and two son-in-laws have left for their homes leaving a void not only in my house but in my heart. I enjoyed every moment of the noise, the cooking, the dishes, the noise, the conversations, the games, the TV, the noise, the laughter, even the noise. I always feel sad when people leave --- (sigh)


The Byrd said...

Isn't family wonderful? I know the minute I go back to Chicago, all the complaining and stress will be gone, but I will hate to be leaving!!

Carrie said...

It is nice to have your house back but it always does seem a little too quiet when everyone leaves.

We had a great trip. Paul was glad everyone was so willing to play his games. He's already planning his stack for Christmas. :)