Friday, November 9, 2007

Day 9 Ode to Friday

I'm not a poet by nature and I seldom if ever attempt to write poetry; however, today seems to be an exception to that statement. I had a few minutes between groups of students today and thought I'd take advantage of the lull to get a head start on my blog. My thought at the time being to just jot some ideas down on paper so those wonderful thoughts I have while driving could actually become blog entries. When I began to write a poem started to take form. Well, a rough poem, that some might not even consider a poem.

Ode to Friday
Today is Friday, a day of work, a day of pay,
But does anyone really get anything done?
I ponder this and look around
Everyone here has theeir head down.
Reports are due on Monday morn'
I should be grinding them out,
But, alas, it's Friday afternoon
And my heart just isn't in it.
In just another hour or so I could have all them done.
Wait, what do I see? John getting up, jacket on his arm?
Can he be finished? Reports all done? I don't see how!
Now I know, a ticket from his pocket hangs.
If he can leave this place of work before departure time
To start his week-end revelry I ponder why then I must
Sit and wait 'til quitting time before I make my break?
Now Mary, Tom, and Sue all make their move
I've pondered long enough
Computer off, I'm out the doo.
I'll see you Monday morn'.

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