Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 25 Let the Christmas Season Begin

I love my Christmas tree! Donna and I put it up this morning before she had to go. You can tell that it is all Santa Clauses or balls with Santa on them.

I am hosting a party on Friday the seventh and I wasn't sure when I was going to get the tree up and the house decorated, but with Donna's help I got the tree up and most of the other items placed around. I don't really go all out, but I like a happy Christmas feeling with the Nativity on the mantle, a Christmas candle centerpiece on the dining room table, that kind of thing.

Robert said he would get the outside done on Tuesday or Wednesday --- the weather is supposed to be warmer. So soon wreaths will grace the outside and maybe lights.

May I be one of the first to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Enjoy this wonderful season and be blessed.


Donna said...

Wow, what a gorgeous tree! I love the fact that if you blow up the picture, you can see all the individual ornaments...including Miss A's and Benjamin's up front!

Julie said...

That's a great looking tree!

We gave up on finding a tree topper and started using a Santa hat years ago...I love having the Santa hat on the top1

You have some really terrific Santa ornaments.

smily_mama said...

How nice of you to have a party on Zachary's birthday!

Nice looking tree.