Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 27 Ramblings on My Day

Three things about today.

1. I had an email from a friend who was telling about her fiancee needing shots for the next 5 days and the doctor thinking she would be a fine candidate to give the shots since she has given shots to cattle before --- she isn't as confident as the doctor --- she didn't mention the fiancee's position on it. All that said to tell about the one and only time I've ever given a shot. Donna had to have allergy shots for a while. The doctor said there would be no problem with me giving the shot and so I thought, "Heck I can do that." I discovered that human skin is tougher than I thought and I used the wrong technique to get the needle to pass into the skin. I thought I should just push and the needle would slide in --- so push it did, but when the needle did finally penetrate I was so startled I yanked the needle out ---- that's right without dispensing the medicine. I was fired from shot giving. (YEAH) I think we paid to have the shots given after that.

2. Today I went and endured the yearly physical all women should have. I believe in getting it all over with in one visit so I had the mammo. and the pap exam. If you have not had your yearly exam please go have one. These test, though a nuisance, are life savers and I encourage each of you to take care of yourselves this way. And I love my doctor. He didn't even mention that I have gained 5 pounds since he saw me last year and 10 since I've started seeing him. I wonder how much I can gain before I get a lecture. Should I risk another 5 pounds????

3. That was my couple, but I have one more. The TAKS test was different to give this time. I was put with two students that require the test to be read to them. This was the math test. I could read the test question only without any inflection on any of the words then I had to sit and watch them agonise over what to do. This was better than just sitting and not getting to talk, but it was hard not to do a little teaching and prodding. I know they have had instruction on some of the stuff they couldn't/didn't answer correctly, and to watch them work and then come to the wrong conclusion was just painful for me.


The Byrd said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am so blessed to have him for sure. (I hope he says the same ha!)

I love that you posted about the yearly physical. It's so so so important.

Donna said...

Okay, here is my version of the shot incident. Mom got the needle into my thigh, was shocked by the feeling of the needle going in, squealed and left the needle in my leg! I don't remember if I got that shot that day, but there was a retired nurse in the town who taught me to give the shots to myself. I learned to give the shots to myself out of self defense!